May 26

Week #13

A russian cat Markus Pylkkänen via Compfight

The cat with the short name of Amber Rose

Gray fur with the strips of a tiger

With a light and bright pink nose

The cat that would stare at the birds on the wire

That was a stray that came to are house

With that pale pink ribbon around her collar

That would run around the chasing a mouse

With round eyes that stared at the sky color

But then the sad times came to us

The call that we can still hear in are ears

That hit us hard like a yellow bus

The cat had a heart like a bear

But now the cat named Amber Rose is gone

And will stay in my heart on and on

May 26

week #12 Travel, Exploring the World

London England  ~ Big Ben ~ Palace of Westminster ~ Hight view of Tower Onasill ~ Bill Badzo via Compfight

So for this week we had three choice history, travel, and inventions. I chose travel. I like traveling around the world. I’ve been to a lot of places in the world, like California, Washington, Idaho, and Florida. Also left the United States to Victoria,Canada, Cozumel,Mexico, Costa Maya,Mexico, and Haiti. Those places are amazing places and have a lot of fun things there. My family loves to do new things and explore the world. One of my dream places to go is London or Paris. So that’s why I love travel and hope to go on another vacation.


May 16

Week # 11

sorryCreative Commons License garycycles8 via Compfight

I’m sorry

For all the tears we shared

that drip down our faces

The bond that gets broken and then repaired

again and again

I’m sorry

For the pain

That goes down to the core

Stabs like knifes

And tears us apart

I’m sorry

For the painful memories

Even if it’s in the past

It still has affect on us

I’m sorry

May 10

Week #9

Austin Skyline, 2017Dave Wilson via Compfight

City Skyline

 I sit there

As the city sleeps

 The shadows come alive

And dance through the streets

Without making a sound

I feel the warm crisp breeze through my hair

My finger tip touch the cold ground

The lights flicker pass my eyes

And the hum of the street lights

As the city sleeps

The moon watches over

Stars twinkle every second

The sun comes up and wakes the city up

And the car honking begins

May 9

Week #8

Dynamic Snapchat Logo/IconCreative Commons License Blogtrepreneur via Compfight

Digital footprint, a footprint you can’t see. It’s a footprint that on you media. Every snap, post, tweet, it’s all a digital footprint. When you think your picture is gone for ever it’s not. It can be positive or negative. If you don’t want your peers to see it don’t post it. Even if you don’t have social media, you still have a digital footprint. On every google search. So if you don’t want people to see it, don’t post it.

May 9

Week #7

 Lie in The Rainbow Aikawa Ke via Compfight

So this week is a free write, so i’m going to write about track and field. I’m on the track and field team for my school, and boy, my muscles are sore. If i’m calculating correctly we have ran/jogged/walked about twelve miles total in three days. There’s a lot of people on the track team. Way more than last year. I’ll probably do the four by one relay race, 400m, and long jump. I can not wait until our two track meets.

April 26

Week #6

Shiny patrick verstappen via Compfight


They are the gift of sight

Let us see the world in are own perspectives

See the bright happy times

and the dark sad times in our lives

Let the tears stream down are face

I’ve seen things and things I wish to unseen

Some people have green, brown, or blue eyes

But it doesn’t matter what color

we all see things in are own perspectives

April 15

Week #5

Family. We all have a family. I live with a crazy family of five. Me, Chase, Addison, my mom, and my dad. Where a sporty, fun, awesome family. We all have different, unique personalities. Some of our hobbies are to cook, sports, and going new places. We have been to places like Victoria B.C Canada, Orlando Florida, Washington, Idaho, California, Haiti, Jamaica, Costa Maya Mexico, and Cozumel Mexico. We love to travel and go to amazing places. We all love each other. Even if we fight sometimes, we all love each other. We are just one happy family.

April 3

Week #4

Star of David, computer generated image - Png file, Attention only the maximum original size is in png formatCreative Commons License MAMJODH via Compfight

Holocaust. The tragic extermination of Jews, that when down in history. The six million that were slaughtered for their religion. I’ve seen the documents on the survivors, and their depressing, and sad stories. The genocide started with one brutal dictator. A dictator that should have never gained, and received power. I wish holocaust never happen. Never left and a mark in the world’s history. So that’s why the extermination of a society should never happen again or have a large death toll. Let’s all remember Jews who lost their live to the holocaust, and never let a person with power to brainwash us. Tell us we need to kill all these innocent people.

January 5

Week #10

Goodbye 2016 Aikawa Ke via Compfight

Wow! I can believe it’s been ten weeks of the blogging challenge.  I was amazing reading other peoples post, about me page, and looking at their blog design. My favorite post that I wrote was week #9. It was my favorite because it was basically a post that you got to chose the topic of the post. I was fun, but hard a little of bring a blogging expert. At first at was difficult to have everybody at my group set up and going. But once I got the hang of it, it was smooth rolling. I probably apply again for second semester. I will miss blogging each week. Can’t wait tell we start again. Hope everybody has a great year.